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Snapchat, text and Instagram won't be used in class. Are you ready for spreadsheets, statistical software and formatting with APA or MLA? These resources can help prepare you with critical software skills.

Additional Resources

A number of resources are available to help you improve your study skills. We have listed several, which vary in format and style. Choose the resource that best fits your needs and personal preferences. 


  • 5 Must-Have Tech Skills for College Students, U.S. News & World Report
    It may not seem immediately apparent, but possessing a solid foundation in using daily technology can greatly smooth a student's transition to college academics. In order to be successful, there are a few technical skills students should develop long before reaching college.


Useful Technologies

  • Smartpens, Livescribe
    Sometimes the right technology can help you study. A smartpen captures the audio from class as you take notes. When you review the notes later you hear exactly what occured at that point in the class.

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