How do I access my MyCourses account?




Welcome to St. Petersburg College! 

Here are some quick instructions on accessing your MyCourses account and navigating between the courses in your account. 


FYI: This website contains helpful tutorials for SPC students that include guides on the MyCourses learning management system, instructional technologies such as Zoom, and other resources. You can use the menu to the left, or the search bar to find the right article. 


Accessing your MyCourses Account

  1. Open Firefox or Google Chrome. These are the preferred browsers for MyCourses.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on TITANS LOGIN located in the top right of the page
  4.  Enter your SPC Username and Password
  5. Click Sign In. You will see a landing page with blue tiles. Each tile takes you to a different SPC site or area.
  6. Click on the MyCourses tile
  7. Next, you will be asked to sign into our organizational page. This is to ensure you are an authenticated user. Enter you SPC EMAIL:

  8. You may be asked if you would like to stay signed in, for easier access. 
  9. Once you complete the authentication, you will be taken to your MyCourses home page 
  10. Click the Waffle Menu Icon to view a list of courses in your account 

  11. Click on the title of the course to enter that course.
  12. Return to the Waffle Menu to navigate between courses at any time.