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Title Description Learning Objectives

Career Services Overview

Career Services staff will help students navigate their career roadmap. Students will be able to locate the Career Services website, social media platforms, and the physical location of the Career Services Office. Students will articulate the difference between the A.A. degree, A.S. degree, and certifications.
Making Connections  Students will learn ways to make connections in their field including informational interviewing, job shadowing, and service learning opportunities. Students will understand how to explore their chosen career through informational interviewing, job shadowing and service learning. 

Professional Etiquette: How to Make a Good First Impression

Students will learn how to make a good first impression when applying for a job, meeting an employer, and/or attending a job fair. Students will be able to professionally meet and greet an employer, understand the importance of body language, appropriate attire, and know where to obtain interview attire.

Resume Exposure 

Students will learn how to use SPC’s online resume tool. Students will create an account in Optimal Resume, use the resume builder and learn how to upload their current resume.

Resume Workshop 

Students will learn how to modify their current resume to make it more effective. Students will critique and modify their existing resume to create a dynamic document that reflects their education, qualifications, skills and experience.

How to get hired: Tips on Researching Employers

Students will learn tips on job and internship research.

Students will identify various resources to assist in searching for jobs or internships.

How to Complete a Job Application Students will learn how to appropriately complete a job application.  Students will practice completing job applications correctly and will be able to articulate the difference between an application and a resume.

Growing Connections

Students will learn the value of expanding their professional network and learn about networking etiquette to increase their chances of gaining employment in their field. Students will develop a plan of action on how to expand their professional network and learn about networking etiquette.
Interview Techniques Students will learn how to prepare for online, phone, and in-person interviewing using the STAR method. Students will demonstrate the STAR method of behavioral interviewing: Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Students will demonstrate proficiency using web-based conferencing software. Students will know the importance of preparing, presenting and practicing for phone, and in-person interviews.  

Personal Branding

Students will learn the concept of personal branding, gain insight on their brand, and learn how to leverage their brand in their job search. Students will be able to articulate the concept and benefits of personal branding. Students will begin to discover their own brand and apply it to the world of work.

Employee Benefits: A New Hire's Guide

SPC Career and Academic advisors discuss benefits that all employers must provide, such as social security, worker’s compensation and coverage under the Family Medical Leave Act. We will also discuss optional benefits, such as medical insurance. Students will demonstrate knowledge of various types of mandatory and optional benefits commonly provided by employers. Students will identify resources available for gathering information regarding benefits.

Retirement Planning

SPC Career and Academic advisors go over some key elements of planning for retirement, helpful tips and explain some of the terms that surround planning for retirement. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of terms relating to retirement planning. Students will be able to articulate the difference between various retirement plans.

Tax Documents

SPC Career and Academic advisors will review the forms you will need to fill out for each new employer you work for. Students will be able to articulate the purpose of the W-4 and I-9 forms. Students will demonstrate proper completion of these documents.
Cleaning Up Your Online Presence Making sure you have a clean online presence is essential during your job or internship search. Students will learn about the power social media and how to clean up or overcome blemishes that may exist. Students will identify the various pitfalls social media, define “digital dirt”, and acquire action steps they can take to clean up their online presence. 


For additional information about Career Services contact a professional on your campus. Contact information for each campus is available here.

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