Online Courses

Forget about scheduling babysitters, fighting traffic or rushing to class. SPC's fully accredited online courses offer the convenience and flexibility of distance learning to help you earn your college degree, expand your job skills or both.


Each year, more than 20,000 students take classes through SPC’s award-winning online program. We offer more than 650 online courses and dozens of degrees that can be taken completely online.


Currently, SPC's online program is Florida’s largest online campus - We know how to do it right – with quality faculty, structured interaction between students and their professors and leading-edge technology and media tools.



  • No lines
  • Convenience - works on your schedule
  • Low tuition cost and online fees


  • All college services online including: admissions, advising, testing, financial aid, registration, tutoring, library online and technical help desk.
  • Remote proctored exams
  • Webconferencing for real-time interactions
  • A common learning management system
  • Open labs on every SPC campus where local students can access online resources and receive assistance with their online courses

Our online courses

  • Combine the convenience and power of innovative technology with advanced educational software and personal interaction between faculty and students
  • Use on-demand streaming video for courses with significant video components
  • Meet stringent federal and industry guidelines for accessibility to users with disabilities
  • Contain a wide range of interactive tutorials to help familiarize students with the online learning environment and extensive technical help resources
  • Include a hands-on sample online class students can take (Introduction to MyCourses)