Records and Registration FAQs: Residency

I do not have the main residency documents; what other documents do you accept?  

Please refer to our Residency Documents site for several examples of First and Second Tier documentation:


At least two documents must be submitted that are dated, issued or filed 12 months before the first day of classes and which are currently valid for the 12 consecutive months prior to enrollment. At least one of the documents must be from the First Tier. As some evidence is more persuasive than others, more than two may be requested. No single piece of documentation will be considered conclusive.

The burden of providing clear and convincing proof rests with the student, or if the student is a dependent, with his or her parent or guardian. For documents to be clear and convincing it must be credible, trustworthy and sufficient to persuade the institution that residency in Florida is not solely for pursuing an education and that residency in any other states has been relinquished. All documentation submitted is subject to review and verification.

If the student needs additional information regarding dependent vs. independent status, please refer the student here:


Last updated: 6-26-2017

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