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I was a former student; what do I need to do to register again? Do I need to pay the application fee again? 

Welcome back! 


As a former student, you’re already in the system. If you have not registered for classes at SPC in 2 years or more, you need to apply for readmission. If you previously paid the application fee, you do not have to pay it again. You can complete the readmission process by logging in to your MySPC account.

  • Go to the main website,
  • Click on “Student Login” at the top
  • Use the first link there to look up your student ID number and your student email address
  • Next, with your ID number, use the password link to update your password
  • Then use your student email address and password to log in
  • After logging in, click on “MySPC” and follow the prompts to update your account


Are you a former Dual Enrollment student that is returning? If yes, you will need to update your information via the following link: Depending on whether or not you completed a course, you may or may not have to pay the application fee. Students that applied as a Dual Enrollment student, but never attended, for instance, will have to pay the fee. Students who attended and successfully completed a course will not  Contact information for Dual Enrollment can be found here: and a hard copy application can be found here:


Last updated: 6-29-2017

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