Online Learning:

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

Image of woman using laptop

Some students are at home in the online community of peers and instructors; others prefer a traditional classroom. Which are you?


Online courses reduce scheduling conflicts for students with families, jobs, on-campus classes, and other commitments — but they also require a high level of self-discipline and motivation.

Taking online classes may be right for you if:

  • You prefer individualized learning rather than face-to-face lectures or group interaction
  • Your personal schedule conflicts with class meeting times at SPC's campuses
  • You don’t have child care to allow you to attend classes on a campus
  • You don’t live in Pinellas County but would like to attend SPC
  • You are homebound and can’t commute to an SPC campus
  • Getting transportation to an SPC campus is a challenge

Are you right for Online Learning?

Students most likely to succeed in online courses are:

  • Comfortable with working independently
  • Are persistent at getting the information they need
  • Are able to manage their time effectively
  • Skilled at using computers and Internet technology
  • Self-motivated and directed


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