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This list is designed to help you become familiar with the MyCourses environment. This would be helpful whether you are taking an online or blended class, or if your instructor is supplementing his/her face-to-face course with online resources. Please proceed through each item in order, reading carefully, viewing videos, and following all links. Late in the semester, you may return to this module for a refresher.

To begin, Go to Online Learning below.


Online Learning 

Learning online has many advantages, but also presents its own set of challenges when compared to taking a face-to-face class on-campus. Sometimes students have misconceptions about what it means to be an online learner. Review the Online Learning: Getting Started. If you agree with the following statements, you are more likely to have success taking an online course.


  • I regularly have 15 hours per week to spend on an eight week course or 7-9 hours for a 16 week course.
  • I am a good reader and I enjoy learning by reading. I enjoy working independently and seldom need reassurance that I am doing this correctly.
  • I have specific days/times available to work on my Internet course.
  • I can budget my time well and prioritize activities efficiently.
  • I realize that the class work of an Internet course is equal to or greater than that of a regular on campus course.
  • I am willing to take responsibility for getting whatever help I may need with this course by contacting the instructor and other resources.
  • I realize that my instructor may not be available when I want and that I may have to leave an email message.
  • I realize that course requirements and due dates are there for good reasons, and I feel I can structure my time effectively to meet them.
  • I have met the recommended prerequisites for this course. (© 2002-2004, Fox Valley Technical College)


Technical Requirements

To take an online course, you must have access to a reliable Internet-ready computer, preferably with high-speed Internet access with a supported browser.

  • Step 1: Review the Technical Requirements to ensure that your computer meets the minimum specifications.
  • Step 2: Complete the System Check. This can be done prior to logging in as well. The link is located on the MyCourses login page directly above the USERNAME field.

If you experience any technical difficulties, contact the SPC Technical Support Desk for assistance.

Also, make sure to view this important information on file types as well as information on receiving a free copy of Microsoft Office 2016 for your PC or Mac. Click here for more information

Note: Different SPC colleges and programs may have specific technical requirements, please check with your college (department) and your course syllabus for details.



When you first logged into MyCourses, your My Home was displayed. This page provides you with a great deal of information including: Access to your courses, a calendar of events and much more! You may return to your My Home at anytime, by clicking the My Home link in the mini-bar at the top of the MyCourses page. 


Introduction to MyCourses

This is a quick reminder about the Introduction to MyCourses course which is available to all students. The goal of this course is to provide you with an overview of the MyCourses environment as well as a chance to interact with some of its most commonly used tools. 

  • How do I access Introduction to MyCourses?

  • What do I get? At this time, this course is intended only for your benefit. There are no credits associated with this course. Those that take advantage of this course will get the following:
    • Explore the common areas and navigation features of the MyCourses environment
    • Interact with some of the commonly used tools in the MyCourses environment
    • Understand and prepare for many of the issues faced by students entering the online environment for the first time
  • Why should I complete this course? Not only does the Introduction to MyCourses course provide you with access to a collection of video and printable tutorials on some of the most commonly used tools and features of the MyCourses system, it also will provide you with an opportunity to work with those tools practice environment before you begin in your regular courses.

    • IMPORTANT: Some instructors may require that you provide a Certificate of Completion for the Introduction to MyCourses course. Please check with your instructors to determine whether they require this in their course.

  • Estimated Completion Time? Approximately 3-4 hours depending on your skill level and engagement in the course. Remember you can log out and log into the Introduction to MyCourses course at any time and resume your work. 

  • Facilitators and Help- This course is not currently being actively monitored. Inappropriate behavior in the course will not be tolerated and may result in your being removed from the course.  If you have questions or notice any inappropriate behavior in the course, please contact the Helpdesk at 727-341-4657 or by email at

Helpful Student Resources


Hopefully, you have found this Quick Guide helpful and are now better prepared to complete this course. Remember, you may return to this at any point during the semester for a refresher. Also, there are several resources at your disposal:

Have Questions? Contact the SPC Technical Support Desk at or call 727-341-HELP (727-341-4357) (Mon.- Sun. 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Eastern).

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