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The use of the Turnitin via MyCourses enables students and faculty to identify areas within submitted work that can be strengthened through improved paraphrasing, integration of sources, and proper citation. The tool flags similarity (plagiarism) and mechanical issues in written work that merit review. SPC promotes student learning through the proper and ethical use of information. A good research paper integrates a student’s original thought with the scholarship and viewpoints of experts. Proper citation of any sources of information used in a paper or through the research process is critical.



Accessing a Dropbox Submission Turnitin Report

  1. To review a Turnitin report, click on Submission Review on the navbar.
  2. Click on Dropboxes from the dropdown list.
  3. Click on the submission title you would like to view.
    • NOTE: If your instructor has graded your submission and left feedback, you will also see the word Feedback: Unread next to the submission. Click the submission title to view that submission as well as the originality report.
  4. Click Submitted to view the submission, originality report, as well as the grade and any feedback left by your instructor.
  5. Click on the Turnitin® Similarity report to view the complete report details.
  6. The report will be listed to the right of your attached file.

NOTE: If the report states “In-Progress” the originality report is still being generated. A first submission usually generates an originality report in ten minutes or less. If you are resubmitting your work after editing it, the system will take 24 hours to generate a new report. 


Reviewing Turnitin Similarity Report

In a Turnitin Originality Report, the text of your paper appears on the left. Turnitin identifies similarities between your writing and other sources including the internet, research publications, and previously submitted papers. Matches appear to the right of your paper. Each color passage from your paper is matched to a source that contains similar content. To the right of your paper are the available layers (grading and similarity). Clicking each option displays different information about your submitted paper.


A. Instructor Feedback: Click to view any feedback left by your instructor on the submission, feedback may include rubrics, text, or audio comments.


B. Match Overview: Click to view a list of all areas of the paper which have

similarity to other identified sources. Sources are color-coded and listed from highest to lowest percentage of matching word area to the submission.


C. All Sources: Click to view matches between the paper and a specific selected source. Contains a full list of all matches found rather than the best matches per area of similarity.


D. Filters and Settings: Click to view filters which allows you to exclude certain items from the report including quotes, bibliography, and more.


E. Download: Click to download the paper.


F. Information: Click to view information about the paper including the submission date, file name, and word count.


Additional Information:

Check every passage appearing in color print to see that you summarized, quoted, or paraphrased correctly, giving proper citation both in-text and on your Works Cited or References page. The percentages cannot be used to determine whether material needs to be cited. The percentages/colors reflect similarity in wording that needs to be reviewed.


Check the pattern of your content. Did you “chunk” or “string” information together rather than integrate it with your own thought/comment


Tips to Remember:

    • Paraphrasing, putting information in your own words, needs to be cited. requires a citation.
    • Charts, graphs, and images used from other sources need to be cited.
    • As a general guideline, use direct quotes sparingly.


Additional Resources:

For more information see the Turnitin Help Page.

Accessing Dropboxes

Dropbox Rubrics


June 14, 2021

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