Single Sign-On Frequently Asked Questions

What is single sign-on?

The single sign-on is a way to sign in using one login, one time, and be connected to SPC systems from one spot.


Why did SPC decide to go to a single sign-on process?

SPC has made this change to better serve our students, faculty and staff, who are now be able to more easily access the resources available within the college with a single username/password combination.


What has changed for me? 

New Login Options

Students, faculty and staff now have dedicated login options Student Login and Faculty/Staff Login located on the college home page


New Login Page and New Landing Pages

The new login page replaced MySPC login page. All the links previously located on MySPC login page are easily accessible from the College’s main website navigation or the new login page. After logging in with your SPC email address, you can access all your SPC resources without prompts for additional credentials.


If you a faculty or staff member logged on to an SPC computer on campus with your individual network account, you are able to access your resources without additional login prompts.


Student Landing Page


Faculty/Staff Landing Page

What if I am a student who does not know my SPC email address?

You are able to look up your email address by selecting the Student ID/Email Lookup feature on the login page.  You will need to answer two security questions. (Social and DOB). If someone is still unable to locate their Email address have them contact the Technical Support Desk for additional lookup or email account creation.


What if I am a student who does not have an email address?

There may be some students who do not have a student email address.  If you are unable to locate your student email address, please contact the Technical Support Desk for assistance at (727) 341-4357.


What if I’m logged in as a staff member and need to access my student account?

You are able to access content in MyCourses without the need to switch accounts.  Accessing other applications will require you to sign out of the staff account and log in using your student account. If you are having any technical issues switching between accounts please contact the Technical Support Desk.


Is the new single sign-on safe and secure?

Yes, it is encrypted and designed to keep your information secure.


What else do I need to do to keep my account safe?

The most important things you can do are locking your computer or logging off when it is not in use and using strong passwords.


What if I need additional help?

If you need additional help please contact the Technical Support Desk for assistance at (727) 341-4357 for Students and (727) 791-2795 for Faculty and Staff.


For additional information on password management please visit the Technical Support Desk Help Site.

Last updated: 5-16-2016

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