Records and Registration FAQs: Add/Drop/Withdraw

When is the deadline to drop a class, withdraw from college, and reinstate a course?

The deadline to drop a class with refund depends on the course and is listed on your fee schedule which can be found within MySPC.  The fee schedule can be accessed by selecting "Pay for Classes", clicking "Print Schedule and Fees" and selecting your term; you will find the Drop with Refund date within the schedule under the column "Drop With Refund".

Students may withdraw from the college at any time; however, depending on the date, there may be penalties which include: no refund, a W grade or a WF grade. Please refer to our Academic Calendar within headlines of "LAST DAY TO DROP, RECEIVE REFUND, AND/OR CHANGE TO AUDIT" and "LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW WITH GRADE OF "W"". Important deadlines depend on the term and can be found within our Academic Calendar.

With the exception of online courses, the last day to register for a course is up until that course meets for the first time. The last day to register for online classes varies depending on the length and start date of the course. Please see the Spring 2018 registration schedule for full details


Note that students can drop their entire schedule on their own before classes start. After the “Drop/Add” period ends, per the Academic Calendar, it becomes a withdrawal. Withdrawals can have impacts on academic standing and financial aid eligibility: 


Students can withdraw themselves from classes unless they are withdrawing from their entire schedule. When withdrawing from all classes, even if that is one class, students must seek the assistance of SPC Staff. We advise that you allow time for Staff to contact you back, prior to important deadlines. 


When planning to drop or withdrawal from a class or classes, consider any co-requisites, such as labs, that may be affected if another class is dropped. 


NOTE: Online courses have a registration deadline of the Sunday before classes begin. 

Last updated: 6-26-2017

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